"We cater to your post production needs skillfully and passionately. Every intricate detail is paid attention to which ensures impeccable work delivered."


At Studio 27, we believe that art can be perceived in various ways, and video editing is an art form. Our maestro artists shoulder the responsibility of transforming a myriad of creative factors into a coherent whole. We are one of the finest editing studio in Mumbai that provide state of the art Color Grading services and enhance your images like no other with DI tool. We also serve exemplary offline edit and online edit for all types of videos.


We are an audio post production company in Mumbai that provides holistic audio design services for TV, Feature Films, Ads and other emerging media. We aim to provide creative audio solutions, ensuring that clients receive the appropriate blend of creativity with production acumen.


Studio 27 offers cutting edge VFX solutions to productions through high end VFX studios. From commercial films to feature films, we have extensively helped numerous clients manage their VFX and CGI prep workflow. Our visual effects artists with their expertise have been instrumental in delivering ace quality rotoscopy and set extension solutions. Sit back and relax, Studio 27 knows to matte it all!