Intelycare - Explainer Videos

Intelycare - Explainer Videos

Intelycare are the leading tech-enabled nurse staffing platform for healthcare organizations in the United States. Dealing with nurses requires the most amount of understanding of infection to be safe with such hazard’s at the hospital. So we created a explainer videos which can be shared with nurses and staff to help them understand viruses in the difficult time of covid
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December 30, 2019



Explainer videos have emerged as a great way to help medical staff to educate patients, and inform them of the various causes, symptoms, and treatments of various illnesses, including infections. They are a useful tool that has been used to with great success. Explainer videos allow medical staff to educate their patients in a way that can be easily understood. This is especially important because some patients may have a hard time understanding the medical language that is often used by doctors and nurses. It’s vital that patients understand the disease or illness that they are being treated for. Explainer videos make this possible.

We begin our process by doing a thorough research of the project objectives and client’s needs. This includes storyboarding and coming up with key visuals. We take care of every aspect of the filming process, from production planning to the final product. We then go into post-production and editing, where we create the final cut of the video that is delivered to the client. Our team is made up of highly skilled and passionate people who are ready to work on your project. We love getting your work out there for the public to see and we can’t wait to work with you!

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