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In recent years, Explainer videos have quickly become popular in the business industry as they are a highly efficient way to generate leads and drive sales. This is because one video can reach more people than an article or long-form sales letter, making it the most effective way of communicating directly with your audience on a one-on-one basis about the services that you offer.

Explainer videos have been shown to make customers more receptive to a product. In fact, 97% of marketers who use them say the videos improve their customer’s understanding. A good explainer video can increase sales by more than 5x.

But, Finding a good explainer video production company is a must because they are the ones who design and implement your marketing strategy. They will also make sure that you get the best possible service so you can start seeing results but what exactly should one do to ensure that the company they choose is reliable, professional and good? 

Don’t Worry, hence, We have provided you with a list below of the 20 best services for explaining videos so that you can find the perfect solution.

Consider these things before you hire an explainer video production company

Quality Check

If you want your explainer video to be seen by a large audience, you need to make sure that it is of high quality. Therefore, one important thing you want to do before making a decision about which company you will be working with is check out their portfolio and read reviews by others who’ve worked with them in the past.


Communication is the foundation of excellent video content. If a company cannot understand what you are trying to convey through your explainer video or how you want it done – and conversely, if you don’t give proper feedback and direction as they produce your video, mistakes will likely arise.

While there are plenty of companies out there that can bring expert production skills to the table, it’s important to consider which one is best for you among all those available in your area. A good production company will always take into account the unique vision and needs of each client in order to meet their standards.


Don’t jump into any decisions; first, create a budget and stick to it. Do research for companies that can film your project’s videos with your selected budget. This way you have a clearer view of which companies can make the best project video.


Find companies whose portfolios specifically incorporate skill in delivering work before deadlines, as well as testimonials of happy customers, who can vouch for the firm’s reliability. Discuss with them what will happen if work is not completed on time, to avoid any misunderstandings, and ask if they can point you in the direction of similar projects they have completed within your given time frame.


The best explainer video companies are experienced screenwriters and illustrators who possess the knack for communicating ideas and concepts clearly with simple illustrations. Hiring proven talent will help you shortlist explainer video production companies that have produced professional videos for other businesses in the past.

Always take time to check out not only the quality of their previous work but also how they get involved in the discussions with you from the minute your company hires them to when your final product is delivered.

Now that we’ve learned how to narrow down the companies, let’s see which 20 companies make our final list.

Best Explainer Video Production Companies 


  1. Explain Ninja

    Explain Ninja is a team of experts in animation and video creation. They produce videos for some of the top names in business, such as Google and Codio, but they’ve also worked with clients small enough that they consider each job to be something special and unique. This level of dedication has led to their portfolio being rated one of the best in the industry. ExplainNinja’s standards are always enforced by a connection with the client throughout the entire production process—they want everything you do together to result in success!


  2. Studiotale

    Studiotale is a video production company which creates videos. They make videos to connect businesses with their customers or potential clients. Studiotale works quickly to turn any idea into a fantastic story, and they do it in over 10 different languages! They have worked with big organisations like the University of Cambridge, Facebook and Xiaomi – all while continuing to grow every day!


  3. Explainify

    An idea that believes in making it simple – with help of creativity – when it comes to communicating your ideas and messages to the world. Founded in 2011, Explainify has grown tremendously due to its team’s professionalism, expertise and excellent work ethic.


  4. Switch video

    Switchvideo is a unique service that is an expert when it comes to animated, whiteboard and motion graphics explainer videos. They have enjoyed the opportunity to work with businesses as diverse as LinkedIn, Microsoft, Amazon and IBM.


  5. Botvideos

    Another company, Botvideos, helps their clients cut through the noise with premium animated videos. The company creates fascinating videos that can help prospective clients engage their target audiences and easily convey often-complex messages that could otherwise be lost in translation.


  6. Motion Gility

    MotionGility is a full-fledged video and motion design studio that has made itself a famous entity in the field of producing high-quality animation videos, which would help brands express their message purely along with their video production expertise in terms of Motion Graphics (Desktop) and explainer videos. The work of MotionGility’s creative team is 100% proven and tested on the live environment by specialists from around the world and over time; it has actually been applauded several times for its efforts. These guys have earned good reputation even from such larger organisations like OLA, Pfizer, HDFC Life, Porsche and other worldwide known brands. Its promise to give clients an edge over its competition is what leads them to more applause each day!


  7. Demo Duck

    Worldwide businesses have had a great experience with video production company Demo Duck. The fun, eye-catching animations help make brands look hip and trendy. They’ve worked with companies like Google, Netflix, and Canon who needed to appeal to younger generations in order to market their products and services that range from cameras to search engines.


  8. What A Story


    Are you looking for an explainer video production company that provides fantastic videos at affordable prices? Look no further than What A Story. This company is one of India’s best explainer video production companies and their talented team creates unique and engaging videos that showcase a brand’s identity and values. Not only are the videos high-quality, but also extremely affordable, making this a perfect choice for any business!


  9. Wyzowl

    Wyzowl has a team which specialises in explaining things. They are the first choice of many people and they offer their services in various industries. The company’s basic tenet is to understand client expectations so as to deliver the best possible outcome. They believe that communication is important and therefore, they talk with clients during every stage of production. Their experts are skilled in delivering high quality work thus reducing future adjustments.


  10. Yum Yum Videos

    Founded in 2005, this award-winning animated video production company specialises in animation and whiteboard videos while also creating other types of videos to convey the ideas, emotions, and values of a brand. They use their team’s out-of-the-box thinking to create engaging content that is professional but makes you feel like you know who made it (creativity).


  11. Blinktower

    Blinktower is a company committed to client satisfaction and results. They specialise in explainer videos. Their workshops specialise on animated explainer videos crafted meticulously to tell a cohesive story about your product or startup idea, providing viewers with an easy understanding of what you do and why you do it.


  12. Broadcast2world

    Broadcast2world is a video production company that turns ordinary business videos into magical movie experiences for your audience. They bring stories to life for social media or as an extension of your product by combining pictures, music and words in new ways. No two people see the same thing in the same way so this company’s aim is to show businesses how they build fun connections with their customers through clever storytelling that surpasses expectations. Broadcast2world has worked with some big name clients including Business Insider, Hubspot and Fujitsu amongst others.


  13. Addiction Graphics

    The company produces animations, explainer videos and software. Their team excels at concepting, model making, and shading. They have acquired significant experience in creating customised virtual models for both the web and mobile applications. In addition, their team is experienced in coming up with captivating content intended to enhance your brand’s bond with customers by delivering thoughtful storytelling through an expertly developed script.


  14. Video Factory

    Video Factory is a name that comes to mind when it comes to quality explainer videos for businesses looking to improve subscriber and/or user engagement, as well as sales and conversions. With years of experience in this specific niche, they have worked with clients like HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, OLA and Berger along with many others in order to help drive results using video content. If you’re looking to create brand awareness or simply do better business through the use of quality explainer video, they can help you exceed expectations without breaking your budget.


  15. Mypromovideos

    Mypromovideos is an animation company that has the reputation of providing amazing videos. From script writing to production, they efficiently complete all processes by using all their resources at their disposal, ensuring that each video which they create is a masterpiece fit to engage with customers.


  16. Webdew

    Web Dew offers comprehensive video marketing services and is sure to help your business grow through their high performing ROI-driven skills. From marketing videos to production, you can trust that Web Dew will get the job done for you!


  17. Essence Studios

    Essence Studios is yet another excellent video production facility. Their clients have come to rely on them for all their animated explainer video needs and also plenty of graphic design ones, as well. Essence Studios specialises in whiteboard animation, 2D animation and has worked alongside Mastercard, Cannacheck, Ads Genius and Dodotv; just to name a few.


  18. Wowmakers

    It is rare to find a company that combines creativity with digital thinking which would inject much-needed life into business. Wowmakers has won awards for their innovation and continues to push the boundaries much like how Mercedes-Benz or Tencent have done. A name that keeps popping up in best explainer video production companies, you know they’re doing something right if they’ve worked alongside big names such as Microsoft!


  19. Yans media

    Although they are a small animation studio, they have managed to remain on top of their game with some amazing work and creations. Their work has landed them among the best explainer video companies. Moreover, their 2D and 3D animated graphics and motion graphics explainers are some of the most sought after for businesses across the world!


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