Why Do You Need an Animated Explainer Video to Start Your Business

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Every business has something to offer in the terms of product or services, your offerings are unique to the world and hence the way you market it is very important and at Studio27 we offer the best experience of explainer videos, explainer videos helps you market in the most creative form, in 2020 we suggest to choose video marketing over conventional marketing for higher digital presence.

Studio 27 a well-known explainer video company in Mumbai helps your reach your business goals, transform visitors into customers into prospect buyers through the visual journey of your product or services

Let’s simplify how an explainer video can help you in 2020

Explainer videos the term itself symbolizes it’s nature, well to elaborate..  Explanation in a form of videos, what else can anyone thinks of… Right?

Just like that explainer videos are meant to simplify any detailed content message product service which needs your audience exposure can be simplified and presented in a shortest form. but wait that’s not all.. I’m sure you know all this already.

It’s but obvious for us to know that you know this already, let us now tell you what you don’t know yet

Why explainer videos are so popular?

The most amazing experience of brand advertising and information sharing in the form of videos the more appealing content you have the wider audience you can attract, and explainer videos are majorly made in 2D or 3D Animation and in some Scenarios it’s life shoot as well.

Explainer videos are extremely cheap compared to an advertisement or any brand video, and these videos can be utilised by the branded to upscale their sales, not just online but offline as well, it’s not just we who say that we believe it because according to Hubspot, approximately 54% of people prefer video content over any other content.

That’s not all, we have more data to prove the and show you the proper guide to explainer videos

So sit back relax, grab a tea coffee or a refreshing mock tail, it will help you to digest the knowledge you to start your explainer videos right away

What is a good explainer video?


Quality vs. quantity

Would you prefer to hear a long sales pitch or a short one, if you really want someone to gets a taste of your business you’ll vomit all at once or in a staggered way.

A good explainer video is the one which catches the audio ace attention in a spam of First. 30 sec

The first reason why you should avail of the services of an explainer video company in Mumbai is the kind of service that you get from the same. These videos are great for the areas of business that are otherwise difficult to present. This means that even if you use any other method of promotion such as other types of videos you would not be able to sell them. These services are great for people who develop websites or are engaged in domains such as contextual advertising. Your explainer video should ideally include all the necessary information on the problems that are being faced by your target customers.

Making things easier for your clients and customers

While doing your explainer video production or even while getting it done you need to make sure that you focus on areas such as how your company can solve those problems. You can explain the way you work so that things become clearer for your target clients. You should also offer lots of case studies that are accompanied by figures. You need a video to be animated so that you can show things such as growth in traffic. You cannot also visualize any information virtually if it is not animated. This is one more reason why you need these videos.

Creating a special atmosphere     

An explainer video company in Mumbai uses a wide array of tools to give rise to strong emotions among your target audience. This creates a great atmosphere that allows you to engage on a higher level with them and thus get hold of their attention. The best tools in this regard are the likes of attractive cartoons and lively animated characters. When this is done you can include emotion in what is otherwise merely a rational argument. Doing so has the right kind of effect on the audience as well. When you have a story-line, it becomes interesting for the audience as well.

Creating engagement with the audience 

With such explainer video production, your audience naturally feels an inclination to keep up with what is being said in the video. When your audience feels positive about a story-line it feels a greater level of involvement with the same. This also ensures that the information being shown on the video has a greater chance of staying with the people. It also helps that compared to the staged videos these videos are not associated so much with marketing. Therefore, they are not thought of as an irritating or obtrusive marketing tool as such.

They are not bound by scripts

As an explainer video company in Mumbai would tell you, these videos are not limited by phenomena like scripts. You can make these characters do anything that you want to. They can fly, sing, dance, and perform a variety of other actions as well. You can also use such technology to situate your content at any geographical location and historical period that you want to. This makes sure that you can create a storyline that helps you present the product a lot better.

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