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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Augmented Reality (AR) can be termed as present-day development in the Smartphone cameras that allows the users to enjoy the illusion of things around him or her and think it to be a part of the physical world. Though many consider that Virtual Reality is more captivating and stealing all the attention but there is a segment of experts believe that Augmented Reality is more than captivating. Augmented Reality services are practical and hence, have more use.

Virtual reality is all about presenting the users with a new environment. As compared to this, the AR is the perfect blend of the real and practical world. It uses computer vision and various digital tools to provide users with a practical environment to engage in interaction. In this particular type, perspective is what matters. The development of technology has helped to bring out an augmented digital holographic content in real-time space. The purpose has been to provide the viewers with a mind-blowing and realistic environment. Apart from this, the Augmented Reality services have been helping people to think of objects even when it is not present. 

Why Augmented Reality is still preferred Over Virtual Reality?

Well, according to one of the renowned technology consultants and analysts associated with augmented reality companies, organizations have been very much particular in choosing AR over VR because of the associated benefits. The information and digital aspects portrayed by AR are more of a mix- real and virtual. The tool has preferably been selected for training purposes because of the presence of augmented features. The technology behind the development and working of AR makes it preferably to be used for some of the niche departments and sectors.

Enhancing Consumer Experience

Various companies that deal with consumers are trying to enrich the experience of their consumer base with AR. Take, for example, one of the largest furniture retailers across the globe, a couple of years ago, introduced AR for its consumers to get an idea of how a particular piece of furniture would look like in their house. These augmented reality services have helped both the consumers and sellers to interact.

Future of Augmented Reality Looks Bright

Even though people do not consider AR to be at par with Virtual Reality (VR), yet the future of this remains bright. Thanks to the user experience (UX) and ease of accessing. As compared to the VR, AR is based on the projection of the image on the glasses. Because of the simplicity, AR is cheaper than VR and more popular for commercial use. Experts from different augmented reality companies believe that it is because of this, AR has found its utility in various places like the healthcare sector, retail, medical, manufacturing, and education. Hence, the utility shows that AR is more than fun and frolics. 

Soon, it is all about development and bringing in changes as per the requirements.


Several challenges are waiting on the way of AR-related support and services. We know nothing about the limitation of this technology but as of now, it has been successful in engrossing all its users by presenting an illusion that is both pervasive and compelling. If this goes like this, then we mustn’t be surprised if we learn that astronauts have utilized it to know the surface of some other planets. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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