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Augmented Reality: Evolution for marketeers

Long back in the year 2002, Minority Report an American science fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg was in the limelight due to its most amazing cast but not to mention Its set which was designed primarily based on Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia in the year 2054,  a specialized police department, apprehends criminals based on foreknowledge provided by psychics called “precogs”. The cast includes Tom Cruise as Chief of PreCrime John Anderton and he played his charm like always. 

The Adtech with 3D display technology creates cutting-edge holographic projection images which mesmerize the audience in 2002, and that’s not all the film has shown futuristic 3D Face Recognition for Personalised Greetings, Larger than life projection mapping of Guinness beer, it was truly minded whooping for 2002, but looking at where we are today, it’s 2020, and here we are presenting all the tech to you under one umbrella.

These Augmented Reality technologies have seen the ages passing by and some of the best experiences are here, 

Augmented Reality for Automobiles

If you have a business of tangible huge products, like Machinery, Real estate, Valves, Engines, Cars, Bikes, Amusement parks, etc, these products gain a great value if shown to the clients physically, with said that most of the time it becomes very time-consuming for the sales team to provision the site visit to the client or to have client physically see the first-hand look of the physical product, Foreseeing this technology for the future-ready sales team holding an Augmented Reality Devices in their hand in the first meeting will create a greater impact on the audience, and can also lead to huge sales on the spot.  We highly encourage immersive technology to be consumed by the fellow product companies to do better, here have a look at an example by Bentley Motors Augmented Reality Watch the video below

Witness the future of Bentley come to life with the Augmented Reality App.

Download Experience form play store – Bentley AR Visualiser

One should also check the below video to see the experience created by the Jaguar Germany

Augmented Reality Remote Support 

Looking at the changing world, there is a very close need to handle things remotely, after the concept of work from home, there is a very sensitive requirement of Remote technical support, there are many instances when the core experts are sitting in one country with the complete knowledge and know-how of the support but cannot pilot the situation anywhere without their physical presence.

To solve this problem Augmented Reality has changed the way support can be performed in the remote sites, This solution is called Mixed reality solutions can be utilized with Microsoft Hololens, but recently we have come across a very famous software which has been providing unconditional support to personal and enterprise-level to handle remote technical support by using TeamViewer, cloud-based technology to enable online remote support and collaboration globally

Augmented Reality you can now troubleshoot issues that go beyond your screen. Help resolve any kind of equipment, machinery, and infrastructure issue. See exactly what your partner sees and provide guidance by setting markers on real-world objects. Show rather than tell and enable your partner to fix the problem instantly. 

Hololens Plant Maintenance

Augmented Reality Business cards(AR Cards)

Augmented Reality Business cards are the best motivation for your business digital communication, looking forward to exposing your company or your personal profile with a quick video snippet, it will help you to develop a great report with your digital acquaintance. 

More than AR Cards, Augmented Reality can also be leveraged on a sized demo flyer which clearly demonstrates how Augmented Reality can bring your print marketing to life. Pick up your phone, scan the QR code, and you’re teleported to a mountain in the Alps, shreddin’ the pow. This made Augmented Reality marketing real. More advantages to you.

  • Increased Engagement
    Stand out from the crowd and drive more client call-backs with your very own Augmented Reality business cards
  • App-less Technology
    Our AR business cards use your built-in smartphone camera to initiate the Augmented Reality experience in any mobile web browser. No app download required
  • Cross-Platform Compatible
    Augmented Reality Business cards are iOS & Android compatible. No matter the make of smartphone, users will be able to view the Augmented Reality experience

Why choose Augmented Reality Cards to create and deploy your AR marketing campaign?

Our Mindful creative team of expert and Web AR developers we have worked with some of the world’s greatest brands to build and deploy amazing Web AR marketing campaigns.

From the likes of Linde to Reliance Nippon Insurance, we have launched high-performance AR campaigns that deliver a true ROI. We provide a full end-to-end service and management of your AR marketing campaign, and we can work with your in-house creative or dev teams to launch campaigns with ease.

Augmented Reality for liquor brands

AR TALKING WINE BOTTLE (19 Crimes Wine)Augmented reality (AR) has a lot to offer to all kinds of businesses that work in FMCG or the food and beverage industry. It can truly impress the customer and develop a curiosity to engage with the experience and explore. 

Augmented reality not just engages the customers, but also encourages and lets them immerse to see, taste, and experience your product in an all-new way.

The most common marketing method is of storytelling and believes me there is no other technology ever excited which can give this level of immersive experience in storytelling there is very good classic wine brand which took the storytelling with augmented reality to a whole new level, 19 Crimes: Cheers to the Infamous this brand has changed the way we see the stories behind products.

This proves the fact that consumers become more and more comfortable and adaptable with new tech innovations, some of the famous food and beverage companies are already on their way to adopt these innovations like Augmented Reality and have found great success.

Let’s take a deeper look at the cases that reflect an integration of augmented reality technology in the drink sector, to better understand how you can implement this innovative AR technology to your restaurant, bar or other beverage business.

Many more please go ahead and check them out too.

Jack Daniel’s | Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality for Packaging – The Glenlivet Code | Connected Packaging

Augmented Reality for Packaging – Shazam x Bombay Sapphire

Bogle Vineyards – 2017 “Phantom” Chardonnay Augmented Reality Wine Label

Augmented Reality in Pharma/Medical

Time is passing by & the world is seeing an all-new side of the ever-growing Pharma and Medical industry with the latest innovation is drugs, instruments, and the knowledge, looking at the growing population and the market size there is a huge opportunity to meet the needs of the world. 

With said that, the augmented reality has been showing the potential of a successor in the success of the industry, augmented reality has proved itself from the duration this technology has exposed to the world for acceptance.

Augmented Reality at Pharmaforce

Augmented Reality for Healthcare sales

BAYER Augmented Reality – How to use AR in pharmaceutical

Augmented Reality for Manufacturing | IMA Digital

Augmented Reality in fashion

Brands have it all, and the more they have the more they need, Fashion is a never stopping guardian of the people’s emotions towards their lifestyle, this trend is never stopping anytime soon. We applaud the technology as playing the prime of the 

TRYON | Augmented Reality for Jewelry and Watches

FORMEX TryOn App Instruction Video 2.0

Virtually Try On Makeup | Makeup Genius | L’Oreal[/vc_column_text][norebro_social_networks icon_layout=”outline” alignment=”left”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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