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Did you know that only 20% of your customer base actually read your website while the rest of them prefer watching a 5-minute explainer videos over reading lengthy content?


Are you worried about the poor visibility of your site? Well, Studio 27 comes up with innovative solutions of creating explainer videos. As the name suggests, they are self-explanatory made to resemble a person communicating with users in a simplified manner.

Video marketing is a very powerful and consumer-friendly medium that can help expand your reach significantly to potential customer bases and serve the existing ones faithfully. Instead of running in a race with countless others, stand out and make others to run after you. Come take the driving seat and cross the challenges of enhancing your business outline with a new dimension.

Explainer Videos

Paving the way for novel product marketing strategies, marketing video, animation, stop motion, 2D-3D animation, live-action, whiteboard, screen-cast, explainer videos and typographic videos are some of them that can be used.

Explainer videos:

Essentially being short in period, an explainer video allows the business to introduce itself whilst building forging relationships with the consumers that last forever. Video Thumbnails are very important in Explainer videos to exhibit a new product or a service that the company introduces. To communicate specific messages to the target audience, best explainer videos that can simplify your marketing are created. Product explainer videos display the operations and functions of a specific product.

They are generally uploaded on the landing page of the website or the product page. It boosts the conversion rates by almost 144% as compared to the plain sites.

Advantages and Uses:

Explainer videos help you convert faster from promotional marketing to video marketing. Advantages of selecting explainer videos like the one tool for marketing over blogs are:


  • Building trust: Explainer videos bring the company to the customer. They help in familiarizing and humanizing the company in front of its prospective customers. This engagement raises online validation and trust to a whole new level.
  • Boost Search Engine Rankings: The search engine recognizes the value of these engagements and boosts rankings as well as visibility of the video content. It helps increase the visibility time of an individual on the given product/service reducing the bounce rate of visitors.
  • Enhance sales: This leads to lofty sales and higher conversion rates of prospective clients to confirmed customers.

They can be live-action where emotions are conveyed, animated ones that offer unrealistic options, a handwritten whiteboard, slow motion with moving objects and much more.

Explainer Videos Applications:

Explainer videos find their application in every industry. They are short videos that can be effectively merged with the working of any industry operation and can be pitched to the targeted audience. The industries range from retail, food, DIY, commerce, animation, gaming and more. Studio 27 has numerous pre-developed templates that you can select one that relates to your business type. With specifications given, our developing team can even customize a video intricately objectifying the user’s requirements.

Get an explainer video like this

Get an explainer video like this

Get an explainer video like this

Get an explainer video like this

Get an explainer video like this

Get an explainer video like this

Get an explainer video like this

Have a self-explanatory video of your own and boost your visibility online. Engage more potential customers and get hold of the online marketing world. Let us guide you throughout the process and experience exponential growth in your business.


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